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September 15, 2003

My home computer is having some major problems right now. After doing some research, I've discovered that a reinstall of Windows ME should do the trick on fixing things. At least I hope so. I think buying a new hard drive is going to be needed at some point, but I'd prefer to just get the one I have now working properly. To call it a hassle would be a major understatement.

As if not having the internet wasn't bad enough yesterday, Tampa got hit with the dreaded CBS double-header punch. Due to ridiculous NFL rules, they're not allowed to show another game head-to-head with a home market game (even though the Bucs game was sold out). If only cable offered the NFL Sunday Ticket...

For the second straight week, I'm in the running for the NFL office pool going into the Monday night game. All I need is for the combined score of the Dallas/New York game to be 37 points or less, and the victory will be mine.

Thanks to Rick Schmidt for the ticket hookup for the Sister Hazel concert on Saturday night. It was (from what I can remember) a fun time. Unfortunately alcohol + exhaustion lead to me tapping out before 2 AM. But all involved seemed to enjoy it.

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