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That's When I'll Know

October 28, 2004

"I can relate, I can relate
When everything stays the same"
-Mates Of State "Whiner's Bio"

Guavaween is two days away, and there's a costume dress-up deal for work tomorrow, and I still have no idea what I'm going to wear. It may be a bit late in the game to go as Chest Rockwell from Boogie Nights (and I have a distinct feeling that I'd have to explain the costume ad nauseum). But sometimes procrastination wins.

I don't even want to think about the World Series. The mere thought of what happened to the Cardinals gives me a severe headache. And now we'll have to hear the Red Sox fans crowing about being champs, etc. etc. all next year. It makes me feel physically ill. I'm not exaggerating here. It's just awful.

The more I watch of the ABC show Life As We Know It, the more I enjoy it. Tonight's episode was great. I kept thinking "that's how I'd do it" when I'd see how they put scenes together. And the closing song, "Breathe Me" by Sia, was great. I don't think a network TV show has ever used music that well (and don't bring up WKRP In Cincinnati -- that's apples and oranges). But that Thursday 9/8 Central slot is a death sentence for the show. And speaking of great ABC shows, if you don't like Lost... well, go rent Bad Boys 2 or something. It's brilliant TV (which, fortunately, is doing great in the ratings). The plot twists and swerves they keep throwing at the audience are really compelling.

To complete my thought on TV shows, last night I watched the debut of the Comedy Central show Drawn Together. I enjoyed it, and I wasn't sure going in how I'd feel about it. At a glance it looked like it had potential to be hilarious or downright stupid. Luckily for viewers, it was the former, with some real laugh out loud moments. It's hard to follow South Park (particularly with the much stronger season debut last night than it had for the last season debut), but it held its own just fine. Ling Ling, the evil Pikachu knock-off character, is hilarious.

November 2 won't get here soon enough. Let's get this election business finished. The Bubba For Sheriff campaign has been going great, and I'm proud of the grass roots approach that we've taken with it. Rather than throw a bunch of money at ads and what not, Bubba has instead gone out and met with people and community groups and what not. And in the long run, I think that goes alot further in making real connections with people. We'll see how things go on election day.

For what it's worth, there's been very little negativity involved in the Bubba campaign (by design on our part). But other campaigns, in particular a U.S. Senate race between Betty Castor and Mel Martinez, and of course the Bush/Kerry/Badnarik (oh wait, I'm not supposed to mention Michael Badnarik, since we all like to pretend this is a solely two party system) Presidential campaign, have had negative ads aplenty running down here (this is Florida, after all). However, things this year are tame compared with years past. This article in USA Today illustrates that fact, in comparison with 1988 (Willie Horton) and 1884 (just read the article).

A new addiction, a throwback from my AOL days: There's no particular point to it, but it's fun to play...

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