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Lou Pickney's Online Commentary

Pizza Costume

October 29, 2004

Google is getting fast with its caching of my newly written commentaries. For example, my October 24 column is already ranked #15 on Google for orioles vs. yankees alcs Jeffrey Maier (no quotation marks). This sort of thing used to take quite longer. Meanwhile, it still is taking *way* too long to get my old .html pages replaced in the archives with .shtml, but so it goes.

David Ogg, the Human Pizza
David Ogg's Halloween costume ruled.

Bubba The Love Sponge had his scheduled appearance for On The Record With Greta Van Susteren canceled for tonight. He was bumped due to the release of a new Osama Bin Laden tape, which the Fox News Channel will be giving wall-to-wall covering of through the evening.

We had a costume Halloween deal today at work, and people came dressed up in all sorts of fun costumes. My favorite was David Ogg (who I work with in DigiQuest) and his "human pizza" outfit. It earned my vote for "best costume" (and yes, we actually had a vote for that). I came dressed up as a pirate, as I reprised an old costume from a few years back. That's what I'll be wearing at Guavaween tomorrow night (though I'll be adorned in beads acquired in years past as well).

The NBA season is about to get going, which should be interesting with several major players (Shaq, Tracy McGrady, Steve Nash) having joined new teams. Playing with those players on their respective new teams on NBA Live 2005 has been fun, but it'll be even better to see the real thing. Shaq turning into Angry Shaq down in Miami will be most entertaining. I might even have to take a road trip down there to check it out (too bad Scott Massey is gone -- that would've been an ideal person to take the trip with).

My site has been blowing up lately, with many people looking for Guavaween pictures. Though has been getting plenty of hits too, most recently with people in San Jose looking for info on KSJO, which had a rock format for 36 years until it flipped to Spanish last night...

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