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May 11, 2004

Super Millionaire is back (not to be confused with isbać) on ABC beginning this Sunday. Don't be a chump and not at least take a stab at a potential $10 million payday. Here's the goods on how to enter, from the ABC Super Millionaire page:

Super Millionaire qualifications open Mon., May 10 at 7PM ET
Call Limit: One call per person per contest day.
Correctly answer 5 general knowledge questions by putting the 4 answers in correct order.

May 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18.
Game open for 8 hours each contest day from 7PM ET to 3AM ET. Game closes 3AM on the 19th

My friend Stacey at work asked me how much each call cost -- the answer is NOTHING. It's a free call. Last time around I qualified for the semi-final round. I didn't get randomly selected from the pool of qualifiers for the questions that could've landed me in the "Fastest Finger" circle (which I always thought had a certain sophomoric humor level to it), but perhaps this time around will be the charm for me.

Tonight, however, was not it. I missed on my second question. I took some decent notes to give you an idea of how the phone game works. You have ten seconds to answer each question.

1) Put the following words in order to form the title of a 1992 biography of a British Princess.

A. Story
B. Diana
C. Her
D. True

I got that one easily. It's Diana: Her True Story. So it was B, C, D, A (or 2, 3, 4, 1 on the keypad).

Nokia 5165
My cell phone has seen better days.

2) Rank these substances in hardness, starting with the softest.

A. Glass
B. Steel Knife Blade
C. Fingernail
D. Talc

I thought this was an easy one: Talc, Fingernail, Glass and Knife Blade. Unfortunately, the emotionless voice guy told me I was incorrect. Am I wrong about talc? I thought they used it in baby powder (a.k.a. talcum powder or Old Man Nutdust). As I type this I'm doing a search of the internet, which informs me that a fingernail is softer than glass (well duhh), that talc is the softest mineral (a "1" compared with a fingernail at a "2.5") and then glass and a steel nail tied at a "5.5". It doesn't mention a knife blade, so perhaps glass is tougher than a knife? Damnation. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I can try again tomorrow. And what's more, so can you.

Finally, I'm going to be switching cell phone plans (this Florida-only coverage is about over for me), and I've narrowed my choices to either Alltel or Sprint. Alltel has a good rep and benefits to it, but I have a connection to get a discount via Sprint, so right now I'm surveying the situation. Either way I should be able to keep my current number, which is important to me. If anyone has any insight on this, I'd like to hear about it here very soon. Both plans will allow me more than just Florida coverage for non-roaming, which is important (especially if I end up spending two months in Manhattan this summer). Even better is that I can retire my tired old cell phone, which has tape on the back to keep the extended life battery, which was a gift from my brother Matt when he bought a new phone, from falling off. That's because the slide-in portion of the phone battery section has never quite worked the same since a fateful phone drop in 2002...

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