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Taking It Online

May 9, 2004

I sent this e-mail to my brother Matt and my friend Scott Massey, since they'd probably appreciate this better than anyone else I know... but here it is for the rest of you as well.

Playing online in NCAA Football 2004 rules. There's just no two ways about it. Matt, to fill you in to what I've told Scott, I bought a router for my computer (which also works as a firewall) and more importantly lets me do PS2 online games since I also bought a PS2 modem deal today.

Tonight I was playing at home as LSU vs. USC. I trailed by 10 in the second half, but because the guy I was playing was the type to always go for it on 4th down, I managed to get back in it thanks to some key stops (with help from your favorite secondary tandem, Scott: Randall Gay and Jack Hunt) and some insanely long passes to Michael Clayton (who outperformed Mike Williams in this one). I went up 38-31 with 1:20 to go. USC drove down the field, and they scored a TD with :04 to go. I promptly returned the kickoff back for the winning TD... only for it to be called back on a holding penalty. OVERTIME!

I lost the coin flip and had to go first. On a key third down from the 4 yard line, I had four wideouts in and sent a man in motion. Stupidly, USC had Clayton in single coverage, and I connected on a scoring strike to take a 45-38 lead.

But the USC passing game was on fire, seemingly not to be denied. They went down and scored, making it 45-44. We seemed destined for Double OT... but no, not in this dojo. On the road, and facing a first possession in the second extra session, the USC guy sacked up and went for two (and the win).

He went five wide; I countered with a goal line defense dropping back to a five man zone. The pass to the outside was tipped away... and I escaped with a 45-44 thrilling win.

Yeah, I think I'm going to like this online play business alllll-right. If you see me on there (as LoadedLou), you'd best prepare for a showdown!

Bottom line, if you own a PS2, you really should get a network adapter and give the online play a try. The lag time becomes a pain every now and then, but it's a small inconvenience compared with getting to play against a group of competition from literally all across the country.

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