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July 26, 2005

Isn't it interesting that there haven't been any FCC "indecency" NALs (Notices of Apparent Liability) issued in 2005? Nope, none. And the FCC witchhunt of 2004 wasn't politically motivated in an election year? Now the FCC is obsessed with payola, which is actually something it should be investigating.

Yesterday I received the game God of War in the mail; I obtained it via an eBay auction recently (at a good price). Dustin Gremmels recommended it to me, and it's been great fun to play so far.

Brad Smith in NCAA 06
Brad Smith is fun to play as in NCAA 06.

I've also been playing quite a bit of NCAA 06, and it continues to be a fun game. It's still fun to play as Missouri, because Brad Smith is so much fun at QB. Usually it's a challenge, since Missouri is typically the underdog, and it's a battle to see if Smith can carry them to victory. Good times.

Congratulations to Scott Sabol (my friend who I worked with at WSAZ in Huntington, who now works as a meteorologist in Cleveland). He and his wife had their first child this month, Nathan Scott Sabol. Between Scott and Neal Boling and Kim Martin, I've had several friends who've had their first child this year.

It's been fun to watch the show Big Brother 6 on TV and compare it to the internet feeds. TV has made the Lemming Alliance (Eric, Maggie, Ivette, Beau, April and Jenn) look much better on TV than they've come across on the internet feed. Ivette's racist comments, spiteful statements, and mean-spirited hate doesn't make it; instead of the 98% of her evil, they show the 2% of her having fun with the other Lemming Alliance members. But so it goes. If you watch the show, you really should read, though you do run the risk of spoilers on there. But at least from Tue-Thur, there's no spoiler info to be found there...

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