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The Blood Within

July 27, 2005

My order from CD Baby of The Blood Within by Alex Hardcastle arrived today. He's a singer from the UK who I discovered via And... it was an excellent decision, at least from my first listen. Especially for just $9.99. I enjoy supporting independent music acts, and Alex Hardcastle is one of those musicians who has the skills to be a major label artist right now, especially the song Drive. Listen to his stuff on and you'll hear what I mean.

Meanwhile, the mystery surrounding the memory card that my friend Gary Graham sent me has now been solved. He mailed it to me two weeks ago... but the card never showed up. It was quite puzzling.

The Blood Within
The Blood Within is solid.

More bizarre than that was that a $10 check from Gary arrived... but no card. I was quite confused.

Today we finally put two-and-two together. It turns out that Gary sent the memory card inside the regular envelope with the check. The envelope came with a bit of a slice on the side, and it appears that the memory card fell out in transit from Ft. Wayne to Tampa. Damn. It sucks for Gary, who had his Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas save file on the memory card, but so it goes...

My sleep schedule has been thrown on tilt as of late, and I'm at a bit of a loss at to why. I've been having some major afternoon/evening drowsiness, such as today, when I was overcome with sleepiness and slept for about two hours (or so). It's strange. You'd think that fueled on caffeine that wouldn't be a problem, particularly since I got a full eight hours of sleep yesterday, but nope... Strange.

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