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BB6: Gang Wars

July 17, 2005

Last night on the Big Brother 6 feeds was quite possibly the most memorable event in US Big Brother history.

The "24/7" feed, which allows people to follow the BB6 action via the internet, gives a much different view of the houseguests, i.e. not one that is "made for television" or doctored. Normally that is a good thing, since you can see people for who they really are. But this season, it actually is a negative. I'll explain.

On TV, Ivette has come across (so far) as this nice girl who is friendly with Eric (the HOH firefighter). But on the feeds, people can see her for the abrasive, evil woman that she is, with a mouth that won't stop yapping, and venom spewing forth that would make the No-Longer-Executive Meddler proud. She throws around the word "hate" like it's no big thing. Not to mention racial slurs. Like I wrote, this year this 24/7 look-in has a negative side.

My brother Matt was a semi-finalist to be on the show, and I think Big Brother really missed the boat by not putting him and, say, Dustin Gremmels in as a team. But if they would've been forced to live with this house of misfits and miscreants, maybe it's better that it didn't play out that way. As Matt told me yesterday, "I could be sitting there bored, or be here (at home) playing NCAA 2006." Advantage: home.

What's more is that, with the teams, someone like Maggie (who is a very likeable person) is teamed with Eric (the Napoleon HOH who, at the moment, seems to have most of the women under a David Koresh-esque spell). And I want to pull for Maggie, but with her being allied with Eric... it makes it tough.

I'll spare you the backstory, but there was a major falling out, and subsequent feud, between Eric and Michael. WWE should pay attention to this as for how you can get people over (though WWE is a topic for another day). But it came down to this: Eric nominated Michael for eviction, and Michael knows that he is likely a goner unless he win the Power of Veto later today.

Michael plotted on how to trick Eric into attacking him, as physical violence equals ejection from the house. Michael last night played it very smart, getting a buzzed Eric to snap and turn into Bruce Willis' character in Pulp Fiction (Butch). If you want to see the video, this site has several links to various places that have it.

Just in case there was any doubt, it appears that Eric from BB6 in fact turned into Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis' character in Pulp Fiction) last night. Here are the side-by-side pics to prove it:

Eric BB6 turned into Butch from Pulp Fiction
Left: Eric loses his cool outside.
Right: Butch looks at Vincent Vega (off screen), inside Sally LeRoy's nightclub.

The scene from the movie even mimicked last night's events, at least a little bit. Consider this snippet from the scene pictured above, from the Pulp Fiction screenplay:

While Butch waits for his smokes, Vincent just sips his coffee, staring at him. Butch looks over at him.

Lookin' at somethin', friend?

I ain't your friend, palooka.

Pretty intense stuff. If done right, it could make for some fantastic TV. Somehow I figure CBS will end up dropping the ball on it, though I'll give the network the benefit of the doubt until the show actually airs on Tuesday. We'll see how it plays out then...

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