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Karg Boys & Universal

July 19, 2005

It's great when your friends succeed. And when it's friends who you've known almost your entire life who are succeeding, it's all the sweeter.

The Karg Boys, a country music duo comprised of my friends Richard Karg and Andy Karg, have signed a developmental deal with Universal Music. They've been working with Universal for some time, but this deal makes things official. Universal has been very good to them so far, hooking them up with some songwriting greats. That sort of opportunity has been great for them; the names aren't those that I knew offhand, but when Richard listed off the artists and songs that these people had written, I was impressed. And I'm not much for country music, so you know that when I've heard of the songs and artists, it's pretty big on the mainstream level.

The Karg Boys have the potential to make it big in the music world. I'm not just saying that because they're friends of mine. They're talented, they work hard, and they have "the look" that it takes in this day and age. Read this November 2003 article or this December 2004 article about seeing them performing live. In the December 2004 concert referenced, it turns out that a Universal rep was sitting near our area where my bro Matt and Nathan Fay and I were sitting and cheering loud, which didn't go unnoticed by the rep. Of course that's not why they signed the Karg Boys (it's because they're excellent, hard working musicians), but I was glad I could do what I could to help out, even if it was just in a peripheral way.

Tonight's Big Brother on CBS did an excellent job of showing the near-fight between Eric and Michael. I was very curious how Endemol USA (the company that produces Big Brother) was going to handle it, but they did about as good of a job with the presentation as you could hope for. Because of time they couldn't show everything, I suppose (such as "Napoleon" Eric marching around like a maniac earlier, or him, the self-professed "family man", asking to feel Jenn's breasts while in the hot tub earlier that night), but so it goes. The show was interrupted for the first ten minutes due to President Bush announcing his nominee for the Supreme Court, which I was not happy about (the pre-emption, not the nominee), but CBS did the right thing by putting the episode in its entirety up on

The Tennessee Titans have traded for Buffalo Bills RB Travis Henry. I have both Henry and fellow Titans RB Chris Brown on my fantasy football keeper team, and I have mixed emotions about it. I think Henry is an oustanding back, and he should be great for the Titans. But by the same token, I think highly of Brown, though he has been injury-plagued, and as last season showed (with Antowain Stiff... err, I mean Smith as a medicore-at-best backup), you need depth at RB. My only fear is that they'll be platooning at the spot and I'll get screwed over with both guys and have trouble trying to decide which one to start on a week-to-week basis. But hopefully there will be a decisive decision reached by the end of training camp. We shall see...

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