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The PTC Lies

February 1, 2005

MSN is touting its new search feature, so I checked it out by doing a look-up of my name (how egotistical of me, I know). Anyway, I ran across something that I thought had been long-deleted: the 1997 University of Evansville intramural tennis results. As I recall, I won a t-shirt for winning the C-league title. I think I still have it somewhere...

The leaning toward socialism that many people seem to be not only accepting, but outright embracing, in this country is disgusting me. There are workplaces that are beginning to ban people from smoking... at all. Smoke and you're fired. In Texas now there's talk in some districts of grading a child by weight and including that in their report card. All in the name of health I suppose (and health care costs), but it's the small end of the wedge that forces its way in and lets all sorts of other freedoms take hold.

I'm hoping against hope for a Libertarian backlash against all of this. But it doesn't help when people like L. Brent Bozell and his PTC go out and make absurd claims... the latest being that MTV markets sex and violence to kids. Is he talking about the same MTV that edits its videos to the point of being nearly unwatchable at times? The PTC outright lies when it claims that MTV is something that is forced on customers (you can call the cable company and request to have certain channels blocked). Or even better, you can not use TV as a babysitter. But to some, that is an inconceivable line of thought.

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