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Big Weekend

February 3, 2005

There's a big weekend lining up for me. Saturday night should be a fun time. Katt is having her 26th birthday party over at the Hyde Park Cafe. From there we're going over to the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino with a bunch of people, which should be a great time. We've got a room lined up; one of her friends somehow managed to pull some strings and land the room, as apparently the hotel is sold out for the night. I suspect that there are people who are going to the Super Bowl who are staying in Tampa that night. That's how ridiculously overstuffed Jacksonville is for the Super Bowl this weekend.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I've gotten in on a little bit of action on the game. I have the 9-4 square for New England-Philly (so if the score at the end of any of the quarters has New England with a final digit of nine or Philly with a final digit of four, I'll make some $$$). Time to pull out my David Akers voodoo doll (since a field goal would make reaching 14 awkward). Also, I drew Troy Brown in the "first touchdown scored" pool. That includes if it takes an interception back for a TD. I'm not fond of blind draws normally, but it's the Super Bowl, so I had to at least get in on a little bit of the action (it's low stakes).

All indications are that ABC is going to pull the plug on Life As We Know It. There are two episodes of the original thirteen shot that never aired, but it appears to be finished. It's too bad, since I liked that show. It wasn't perfect by any means, but it approached high school life from a very different perspective than most shows. Though if I had to choose between it and Lost to keep, I'd keep Lost in a heartbeat (and Lost is sticking around for sure, thanks to strong ratings and some brilliantly written episodes).

Speaking of shelved shows, My Big Fat Obnoxious Bo$$ has been pulled by Fox halfway through its 10-episode run. From what I've read, Fox intends to show the final five episodes on its website. Why not use them as first-run episodes on FX or something? Relaunch it with a marathon of the first five, then for five straight weeks run the fresh episodes. That would make more sense to me than putting it on the web.

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