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DayQuil Haze

February 11, 2005

Wouldn't you know it, it's the day before the 2005 Gasparilla Night Parade, and I'm sick. My chest hurts and I have a sore throat. Waah waah, I know, but the timing of it is most unfortunate. I might have to take a more relaxed approach to tomorrow night than I'd planned. Oh well, so it goes.

The Gasparilla website searches are driving people to this site en masse. It's funny to see how high I rank on the search for "Gasparilla Night Parade" (and even writing about it here will probably get me listed on there with this column, too). But if they're going to check out the site, why not see some of the fun stories from years past. The last two night parades have been quite memorable, and there's no reason to think that this year will be any different, in sickness or in health.

WZTA (Zeta 94.9) in Miami flipped from Active Rock to "Hurban" (Spanish Top 40 with some English voiceovers thrown in there). Last week the format was put in place in Orlando. If Clear Channel is going to do something like that here, it'd be on 98 Rock (versus Thunder 103.5, which is one of TWO classic rock stations in this market, but which has the Bucs games and has done a big billboard ad campaign with Bob & Tom). This time last year it seemed impossible to think that 98 Rock (and CC) could actually fire Bubba. Now it's looking like the former flagship station of the BRN has fallen so far without him that it might flip formats...

I started writing this in a DayQuil daze (on capsules of DayQuil), but it's closing in on midnight, so I just took a big dose of NyQuil. Better not screw around on writing this, lest I start to get loopy and write gibberish. Dennis Leary has a comedy routine about NyQuil that is hilarious. To read it, visit this site and do a search for "NyQuil". If cursing offends you, skip it, but otherwise be prepared to laugh long and loud.

I hate to be brief, but I think the big f'ing Q is catching up with me. I hope to have more after the night parade later this weekend...

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