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The Weekend That Wasn't

February 13, 2005

I had hoped to have a long, crazy story about the 2005 Gasparilla Night Parade in this space. But unfortunately, due to illness, my experience there this year was nothing more than a cameo.

Believe me, I wanted to be part of the fun. But this sinus infection I have has left me in no condition to party. Moreover, last night a cold front moved into Tampa, and with temps in the 40s it made being outside even more of a miserable experience.

After running through an entire carton of Minute Maid pulp free orange juice on Friday, I went to the grocery store around 6 last night to obtain another carton. Unfortunately my procrastination meant that I had to deal with the building traffic chaos that is as much a part of the night parade as the float and the beads and the costumes. With my street already jammed with cars, and vehicles flooding into the parking lot at the brewery across the street, getting out was a trick, as was getting back. And at the grocery store the woman working in the cashier line had a problem with her register, which caused a nice five-minute long delay with the customer in front of me. Lovely. But, after all of that, I got my orange juice. And I drank it all last night. Should've purchased two cartons, I suppose.

I did go down to the parade around 8 PM, but I stayed for less than a half-hour. My energy level was at zero, and I felt like I was dragging an anchor around with me. Lethargic, exhausted, zonked, pick your word... I felt it. So I walked back to my apartment. The only highlight was when a group of girls walked by me and one girl said "I like guys!", which made me wish Scott Massey was there with me (like he was last year). There's an inside joke to that which he would've appreciated greatly.

If there's any consolation to it, I got to see the second half (and overtime) of the Duke/Maryland game, which was a thriller. As much as I cheer for the SEC, there's no denying that the ACC is where it's at when it comes to elite basketball talent.

I wish I had more, but I tapped out... and I need to get some sleep. Hopefully I can get some nice medicine from the doctor tomorrow morning and be good to go...

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