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Do You Know This Voice?

March 18, 2003

This call came into my office on Friday, March 14, 2003. The caller didn't leave his name, number or station, but there are a limited number of west coast stations that we had contacted prior to then (the full list is below). The call came in at around 7:30 AM EST (or 4:30 AM PST), which makes me think it's a morning DJ (most managers aren't in that early, but then again most managers wouldn't leave a message like this one). Ignore the timestamp on the message (that is the time the call was forwarded from my voice mail). The most likely scenario is that it's a station in California, Oregon or Washington (the three states truly on the "west coast"). Considering the timing (the packs were all sent next-day delivery), I suspect it's one of the stations contacted on 3/12/03. But maybe it's not. If you recognize who this person is, please let me know at He spends the first few seconds mocking my voice before going into his own...

The Message

"Hey Lou, is this Lou with the Bubba the Radio Sponge network? Dude, nobody wants your stupid ****ing Bubba on the west coast, alright? So quit sending your stupid little ****ing packages for your fat ****, alright? Lou, in, uhh, where, where are you in, Tampa? Oooohhh, Tampa, that's awesome. Oooohhh, Bubba beat Lex & Terry in Jacksonville. Good for him. Quit sending your ****ing packages, ****nose, alright? Cause, uhh, Bubba's going down, hopefully like in a terrorist plane crash or something, cause everyone hates him, alright, and now everyone hates you by de facto, you ****. Have a great day."

"West coast" stations with local morning shows contacted prior to 3/13/03

-KCBS Los Angeles, CA PKG mailed 3/6/03
-KCNL/KSJO San Francisco, CA PKG mailed 3/7/03
-KZOK Seattle, WA PKG mailed 3/7/03
-KEDJ Phoenix, AZ PKG mailed 3/7/03
-KSLX Phoenix, AZ PKG mailed 3/7/03
-KBZT San Diego, CA PKG mailed 3/7/03
-KRXQ Sacramento, CA PKG mailed 3/7/03
-KWOD Sacramento, CA PKG mailed 3/7/03
-KCAL Riverside/San Bernardino, CA PKG mailed 3/7/03
-KCXX Riverside/San Bernardino, CA PKG mailed 3/7/03
-KFMA Tucson, AZ PKG mailed 3/7/03
-KKLZ Las Vegas, NV PKG mailed 3/12/03
-KOMP Las Vegas, NV PKG mailed 3/12/03
-KRZR Fresno, CA PKG mailed 3/12/03
-KTZO Albuquerque, NM PKG mailed 3/12/03
-KMBY Monterey, CA PKG mailed 3/12/03
-KCDA/KKZX Spokane, WA PKG mailed 3/12/03

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