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Guavaween 2003 Costumes

Guavaween costumes

Left: The Ultimate Warrior (Matt Pickney) and The Human Keg (Lou Pickney).
Right: Vampire (John Pouncey) and Elvis Presley (Richard Karg).

Elvis Presley & The Ultimate Warrior

Details to notice: Richard's "Elvis sneer" is excellent, as is Matt's Warrior snarl; it's nearly 8:30 PM and we hadn't left the apartment yet; Tennessee and Alabama are playing on the TV in the background (you can't tell on this picture, but when you zoom in on the huge bitmap file of it that Matt sent me, you can read on the screen that it's Tennessee 51, Alabama 43 in OT #5).

Scary vampire

John Pouncey blended the style of former WWE wrestler Jeff Hardy with a vampire look that seemed just real enough to be creepy. Notice how his contact lenses and costume fangs make him appear entirely freaked out.

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