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September 25, 2003

The Slightly Stoopid concert looks like it's a lock for tonight. With last night's Green Iguana antics in mind, staying out late on back-to-back nights isn't all that appealing (it messes with my routine)... though Slightly Stoopid is a good band that is worth the effort to go see.

Nice cake
Who wants some cake?

I've been checking out the digital cameras on the market, and I've narrowed the choices down to the Sony DSC-P52 and the Canon Powershot A70. Both of them have more than enough quality to do what I want as far as taking crisp pictures. There will be other major benefits, though: everything from eBay to snapping pics to put on this website. I see it as all upside. My hope is that once I finally get the files off my old computer (that I've had since college) that I can sell it and perhaps it will be a wash. The pictures section of this page is woefully lacking, but perhaps this could change things in a bit in that regard.

Check out the birthday cake (pictured to the right) made for Luis, one of my co-workers. Not bad, eh?

I've finally got AdSense going on my Radio Hot Talk page. I have the latitude to run AdSense on any page, but because I had applied to AdSense before with Radio Hot Talk (and was declined) they had to check it out and specifically make sure it fits within their Terms Of Service (which it does). Anyway, all's well that ends well, and the ads are supposed to be running there by tomorrow. Good times on that...

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