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October 6, 2003

I'm back to being the disdained newcomer in the NFL pick 'em at work. If tonight's Bucs/Colts game finishes with a combined 41 or less points, I win the tiebreaker and the cash. I might get run out of here on a rail if that happens.

How about those Cubs? First post-season series win since 1908. Marlins vs. Cubs should be interesting. The Cubs have a great one-two combo with their two starting aces. And with the Yankees, A's and Red Sox all being old-school teams, the matchup would be quite intriguing from a historical standpoint. Cubs vs. Red Sox... wow, that would be insane. Curse of the goat vs. curse of the Bambino. Wrigley vs. Fenway. Wow.

Scott Rolen
Scott Rolen knows how to break up a double play.

Some of the scariest commercials I've heard in a long time are the series promoting the Halloween Horror Nights haunted house at Universal Studios. The theme is based on a madman director who tortures people on film. The TV spots aren't as harsh, but the radio ads are downright frightening.

You never know what people will search for on the internet... This month's surprise listing in my Top 10 search string list is "scott rolen is a very educated guy". Hmm. Doesn't make any sense to me why that would work, but whatever...

68 tapes later, the cataloging of the BTLS tape collection is complete. Wow, that's quite a library of material. It will be most fun to turn that into DVDs on down the line... In the meantime, there's a twin stack of empty cases more than a dozen tall sitting on my desk at work, like they're part of a modified game of Jenga.

Is there a more improbable feud than Elton John vs. Dennis Miller? What's next, Dr. Dre vs. Ray Romano?

With the California governor recall election tomorrow, there's a full-tilt character assault going on against Arnold Schwarzenegger. The claims that are coming out are amazing. If they're true, then that is shameful. But I suspect that the Clinton factor will work in Schwarzenegger's favor and that he'll end up getting some sympathy vote as a result of the attacks.

As it is, I suspect that Tom McClintock would be a much better choice, but given California's liberal lean that seems unlikely, despite Governor Gray Davis' errors. If California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante wins (which is still a possibility), it will be very interesting to see what happens. Whoever wins the election will not be inhereting a very easy situation, to be sure.

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