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Second Day Slump

October 29, 2003

I woke up at 5:45 this morning with some pain from the double root canal I had undergone yesterday morning. It hurt, but not as bad as some of the headaches I've been tortured with in the past. My Mom, along with a number of others, said that there might be a direct connection between those headaches and the need for a double root canal that I had. I hope that's what it is, and that the problem is now history. Pain games are no fun.

Anyway, the hydrocodone painkiller that Dr. Ruiz hooked me up with sure did the job, though I felt a bit groggy on the drive in to work. It didn't help that I had an important early morning meeting scheduled, but business is business and crunch time takes precedence.

My friends I think are getting sick of hearing me talk about, but my enthusiasm level is at an all-time high for it. The Ned shirts arrived from the printers today, so that is locked in. We should be all set for everything to go on the open market come 12:01 AM Eastern Time on 11/1/2003.

Either I'm boring myself, or I'm just really tired, but I'm finding myself dozing off as I type this... Let me take this time to invite you to check out the Guavaween 2003 picture section. You all should really get a kick out of Pouncey's vampire outfit...

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