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October 13, 2003

On Friday night, the typical fluid Ybor City conversation took an interesting turn. It was me, Riley and Kim up at Barley Hopper's, a fun place with a nice drink selection and a more relaxed atmosphere than the super-charged craziness of 7th Avenue. The question came up of who the most influential and important American of the 20th Century was. Riley gave his choice, and stuck strongly by it. Kim and I came up with some other ideas... and ultimately we reached a short list of five. Here are the finalists (in alphabetical order):

John F. Kennedy
Dr. Martin Luther King
Elvis Presley
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Babe Ruth

Drop me a line with your takes on it... I'll reveal our choices (and those of people we contacted by cell phone asking for input) on here later on this week.

Pedro Martinez
Pedro Martinez is from the Bobby Heenan school of gestures.

Rainout last night in Boston lead up to a rematch tonight with the Yankees and BoSox. Go Yankees...

In hindsight, perhaps Pedro Martinez wasn't as much at fault in his incident with Don Zimmer as I thought. I saw a replay that did show Zimmer (who, ironically, was the manager of the Red Sox in the infamous Bucky Dent 1978 playoff game) charging at Pedro. Now, that doesn't exonerate Pedro from grabbing Zimmer by the head and throwing him to the ground (and Pedro did get fined $50K as a result).

However, Pedro's argument that pointing at his head to imply that he "remembered" everything that Jorge Posada was saying doesn't hold water. Check out the replay and you can see Pedro say something along the lines of "next time I'll be throwing at your f***ing head." What a prick.

Tonight's Rams/Falcons game gives me a very outside shot at the money in the weekly work pick 'em pool. I need St. Louis to win with a combined score of 43-46. If it hits on 42, I split the cash three-ways. Tough one, but at least I have a horse in the race...

What's the over/under on the Cleveland Cavs making the NBA playoffs? LeBron James comes with plenty of hype, but still a playoff berth out of the gate would be something. Personally, I project a San Antonio/Indiana NBA finals. I believe this is the year that the Indiana Pacers, and in particular Jermaine O'Neal, will break through to a whole new level...

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