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October 17, 2002

First of all, congratulations to Amy Barnett, who's finally getting to see her fiancÚ today for the first time in seven months (thanks to visa problems in Canada). Amy, you asked for another specific mention on here, so here you go.

The latest Bill Simmons article on ESPN's Page 2 features an interesting take on Las Vegas. I've never been to Sin City, but I've been universally told that it's a must-see. A couple years back Kara and I talked about going out there, but it didn't pan out. Regardless, Vegas is on my must-see list. The sports gambling possibilities alone are very interesting...

Sleep today hasn't been easy to come by. Fell asleep earlier than planned, but woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon. And that was it. Probably should've taken something to help me sleep, but I didn't anticipate that seven hours later I'd be sitting here ready to go to work without having slept again since.

But one positive of that was that I finally got to see the new Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show (shortened to "Millionaire"), which airs locally at 4:30 PM. From what I saw, Meredith Vieira does an excellent job (coming across as sincerely connected and sympethetic to the contestant's plight), and the show stays pretty true to the ABC network form. Granted, ValleyCrest Productions likely doesn't have the budget that the network had, but that's helped by casting people for the show (as opposed to the old free-for-all ways where inherently smarter people managed to make it into the hot seat). The half hour flies by fast.

Speaking of time flying by, it's about time to head to work...

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