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May 6, 2006

John Pouncey has finally moved to town, and tonight I'm going to meet up with him and one of his friends and go to this big concert event they're having at the Verizon Wireless Music Center, which is conveniently just a few miles up the interstate from me. Blue October played there last night, and I wanted to see them, but I actually forgot that it was this weekend. But it will be nice, more than anything, to go out and do something. Pounce was roommates (and a fraternity brother) with my brother Matt at Mississippi State; for more on him, read Dollar You Call It (from my last visit to Mississippi State) or Guavaween 2003. It's going to be cool having him in town.

Following Gene Lasker's "Kool Aid Man" display this week on the Bubba The Love Sponge show (where he literally head-butted through the green room door trying to get after Chip the Intern after a brutal experience Gene had with the shock collar), I looked on YouTube to see if I could find an old Kool Aid commercial on there... and what do you know, I was successful. That service, particularly with its newly updated, nicer graphic interface, is such a cool thing. Naturally, it will be destroyed by Congress or actors unions or other such forces on down the line. But for now, I'm finding great things on there on a daily basis. If this is Web 2.0, I'm glad for the upgrade.

There are also a few file hosting services that allow for the uploading of ridiculously large files (by 2006 standards), to the point where full 60 or 74 minute long, 128 kbps airchecks can be put on there. I've had trouble trying to get it to work for myself on the upload, but the downloading has worked like a charm.

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