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Pistons Churn

May 24, 2005

So much for the Heat roughing up the Pistons. In game one of the Eastern Conference Finals, Shaq played... and it didn't matter. Dwyane Wade turned into a brick machine, and then after the game blamed himself and gave Detroit's defense zero credit. Bad idea.

What's more, Heat coach Stan Van Gundy, in a moment of desperation, put Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning on the court at the SAME TIME. One thing: they had never done that before, not in a real game, not even in practice. And to think, before the game the announcers were saying that coaching was going to play very little importance in the game. Right. Larry Brown, hall of fame coach, versus Stan Van Gundy, who's playoff coaching experience is limited and who provides constant unintentional comedy in looking like a Ron Jeremy stunt double.

If that wasn't bad enough, I even caught heat about the game from my friend Dustin (who went to college with my brother Matt) via this text message:

"Hey i read ur playoff article. so ur givin up on my pistons huh? bad idea. put that in ur next article. :) have a good day bro *'DUSTIN'*

Really, I just want a good series in the East. The Pistons are a good team. They're the defending champs. And until someone knocks them off, they're the team to beat.

Very obscure trivia: Alexander Hamilton was the first person to appear on the $2 bill -- in 1862. Thomas Jefferson replaced him on there in 1869 and has been on there ever since. Why do I mention this? Because the topic came up at work today, and one of my co-workers, Sherri, mentioned that she had a "silver certificate" two dollar bill. In doing research to find out what that exactly meant, I found this page. I love the internet...

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