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May 8, 2004

Sometimes with webpages, shady programmers link to other files on the internet (as opposed to hosting them themselves) to use within the context of their page. This happens to me sometimes with pictures that other sites decide to throw their leechlike grip onto. But, thanks to technology, I know about this sort of thing.

Normally it's the home programmer type, someone trying throw together something for their page. Or you'll get a message board user who decides to use one of your pics in their signature file.

Now when that happens, I say: Game On. Tonight I discovered that it had happened to me on the largest scale yet -- on, a Spanish language sports site that linked a pic I have of Mike Piazza and Roger Clemens from this column in June 2003. The site is associated with ESPN (you can also access it, as of this writing, at

So tonight I got my revenge. The Clemens/Piazza pic was replaced with this lovely advertisement for my latest website, (which will probably end up being something I use to replace, which is a more polarizing name). All's fair in turnaround, eh?

Lou's Payback

There's some moron who is still using the image I changed from Jules Winnfield to a ad on all of his message board posts (nearly two months later), which is fine by me. I'll cover the bandwidth for him promoting my site (even it makes no sense with his signature).

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