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May 16, 2004

In watching The Sopranos tonight, I wonder: where can I find that Sunoco gas station with the 97 cent unleaded gas that's shown in the open? Regular unleaded prices are at or above the $1.90/gallon mark here in tha Tampa area these days. Those major oil company mergers are biting us all in the ass.

Speaking of The Sopranos, is it just me, or is that show in decline this season? Tonight's episode featured a ridiculously long dream sequence that seemed to just drag on and on. Especially with the amazing Deadwood on right after, it seems to have lost its magic. Which is a damned shame.

I'm really, really enjoying this whole NCAA Football 2004 online play deal. It's a very fun thing. Of course, it also can prove as a reminder of the reality of my own playing skills, but so it goes...

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