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Hoops Weekend

March 28, 2005

"The secret [to college basketball] is to have eight great players and four others who will cheer like crazy."
-Former national champion coach Jerry Tarkanian

Wow, what a weekend of college basketball. Three of the four "Elite Eight" games went to OT, with the final one, Michigan State/Kentucky, going 2OT. If you like college hoops, this was the weekend for you.

In the WSAZ pick 'em pool (that I still participate in, despite having been gone from WSAZ for four years now), I have North Carolina being Illinois in the Finals. Unfortunately there are four people ahead of me who also have that prediction. That would still be the case even had Kentucky won (I had Kentucky going Final Four in that pool as well, hedging my bets against the UK contingent that works at WSAZ). Oh well, so it goes.

This Terri Schiavo case keeps dragging on and on. Did you know that because her hospice is located close to an elementary school, they had to move those students to a different location today due to security concerns with the protesters in the area. That's 600 kids having to be relocated. I've already spoken my piece about the Schiavo case, but it's getting ridiculous.

If there's any good from it, it's that this situation finally proved enough for my friend Tom Flammia from work to switch his political affiliation and join the Libertarian Party. "How can conservatives say they're wanting to get government out of people's lives when they're doing things like this?" he asked, referring to the legal wrangling by politicians in the Schiavo case.

My bro Matt took my advice and is going to fill out an application to try to be on Big Brother 6 this summer on CBS. I think he'd have as good of a shot as anyone to win it, and certainly he has the look the producers would be looking for and his age (24) this summer is in the prime group for what they typically go for. Matt's never seen an episode of the show, but all the better. I don't think that the BB producers necessarily want a bunch of hardcores who've seen all of the episodes to comprise the house membership.

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