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Near No No

June 28, 2004

I came the closest ever to seeing a no hitter in real life at Friday's Devil Rays/Marlins game at Tropiciana Field in St. Petersburg. Dewon Brazelton had a no-no going to two outs in the eighth inning, with two strikes on the batter (Mike Lowell)... but then Lowell connected on a 3-2 pitch that he drove to left-center for a double. Poof, there goes the no hit bid.

Lou Piniella consoles Dewon Brazelton
Tampa Bay's Dewon Brazelton may never get closer to a no-hitter than he did on Friday night.

But more importantly for the Devil Rays, they held on to beat the Marlins 2-0, and they took two of three from the defending champs in the weekend series at Tropicana Field. Friday's win moved them to .500; keep in mind that they were 10-28 at one point last month. They moved one game above .500 with a win on Saturday, making them the first team EVER to do that after falling 18 games under the even mark. Way to go Piniella and company.

I've made fun of Tropicana Field in the past, saying that it felt like baseball played in a dentist's office (i.e. a very anticeptic feel), but there was life in that place on Friday night. The fans were alive and excited, with something to be enthusiastic about for the first time ever. Moreover, the aestetic additions added to the place last year (like the nice aquatic design to the outfield wall and the cool orange coverings added to the catwalk) makes the place look quite a bit more lively. And, while baseball in domes is inherently disgusting to the hardball purist in me, it was hot as hell on Friday night and the pleasant AC of the indoors sure beat a night of mugginess and mosquito attacks.

My friend from college (and Phi Tau fraternity brother) Chris Combs sent me this article about the new Michael Moore movie Fahrenheit 9/11. I haven't seen the movie yet, but the article makes for a pretty interesting read. Scott Massey tells me that it's a good film, though I've also read that it's a propoganda piece at its finest that glosses over the facts.

Now I don't want to come across as one of those blind Moore critics that doesn't listen to what he has to say. His criticism of the so-called "Patriot Act" is well-founded (though he ignores that it passed the Senate by a ridiculous 98-1-1 vote). But his take on its dangers is well-founded. Click here to read it.

Speaking of e-mails from college friends, look at what my old friend from UE, Stephanie Carroll, sent me today:

Stephanie Carroll
Stephanie (left) went to school with me at the University of Evansville... and found by chance via Google.

This is so weird. I am finally finishing my scrapbook of my Harlaxton trip from 1998. Anyway, my boyfriend has my Eerie Pub Crawl shirt and I wanted to know what bars were on the crawl. So...I did a Google search and was taken to your website. How funny that of the billions of websites, I get linked to someone I know.

That is the amazing thing about the internet... you never know who will run into your musings out there. What Stephanie found was my September 2001 commentary page, which happened to mention my Eerie Pub Crawl shirt. Who knew that it would end up ranking so high for a search for "Eerie Pub Crawl". Wow.

For some reason I can't get BitPim, the program I downloaded to put files on my cell phone, to work properly. I managed to put a few midi ringer files on there, but now BitPim and the VM4500 aren't talking properly. Hmmph. But at least I got the theme song from Knight Rider on there to use as my default. Unfortunately it quit right before I could put "Still Fly" by the Big Tymers on there for my bro Matt.

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