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July 3, 2006

Most people dislike Mondays. And, on the whole, it does seem like a tough transition, going from the rest and relaxation of the weekend to the trials and tribulation of work. But to me, Mondays aren't so bad. From a work standpoint, a Monday workday is actually better than a Friday workday.

That will sound strange to many readers, I know, but that's how it's been for me for most of my career. When I have a chance to get my energy back, it helps a tremendous amount. In times when I've worked 12 straight days or whatever, that has been brutal. I need my downtime to get my energy back. But when I have that, I can deal with Mondays just fine.

As I type this, I have WWE Raw on, mostly to see how they deal with the drug bust of Rob Van Dam and Sabu. All this intelligence-insulting programming to get to the main event. Ugh. When I say I like pro wrestling, I don't mean this nonsense. I'm talking Misawa/Kawada, Samoa Joe/Kobashi, excellent matches that mean something. I could write an entire column about what WWE is doing that's missing the boat, but I'd be wasting my time. So long as Vince McMahon is alive, the company is going to be run the way he wants it run, and that's that with that. It looks like they've done some on-the-fly booking to get the WWE title off of Van Dam tonight, and they might take the ECW belt off of him tomorrow night, too.

Wow, they actually threw in a really good segment doing a flashback to WCW Bash at the Beach '96 (the birth of the nWo.) Just think if that much history and thought was put into all of the storylines... Wait, this is WWE, forget that.

Montecito Broadcasting purchased KHON-TV 2 (the FOX affiliate for Honolulu) from Emmis Communications earlier this year and proceeded to slash staff and install an automated system. That's yet another reason why I left TV news. One new addition was a so-called "automation system" for the cameras; similar systems have proven to be a nightmare all across the country (I've heard horror stories out of WOWK-TV in Huntington/Charleston, WV with their system.) This video is a perfect case-in-point of how slashing budgets to help the bottom line can end up screwing a penny-penching owner in the long-run.

A note to perspective buyers of media companies: when that company is profitable and successful, leave well enough alone. Otherwise you risk screwing things up royally, just like what happened in Honolulu.

In many cases, major media companies are wising up to the fact that meddling with something that is working equals trouble. Notice how News Corp. left MySpace alone after it purchased it, and how TV Guide plans to leave as-is after purchasing it. There's a reason for that. Mess with success, and face the consequences.

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