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July 30, 2005

"If you gaze for too long
It will fade and then it's gone"
-Texas "White On Blonde"

I watched the movie The Butterfly Effect again tonight. God, that's a great movie, but it's depressing as hell. Ashton Kutcher is often mocked, usually rightfully so, but he's great in this movie in the lead role. The Director's Cut is the version I usually watch, since it was the one originally intended (but it was "too depressing" for test audiences and thus changed before its theatrical release).

NFL season is just around the corner, and I for one am pretty excited about it. I'm a Bucs season ticket holder, though I'm planning to sell off my season tickets this year to offset the cost of the PSLs (personal seat licenses). But I might go to the pre-season games. We'll see. And if the Bucs end up making the playoffs and get a home game... well, I'll be all over that. I've never been to an NFL playoff game.

My tickets haven't arrived yet, but they should get here early next month. That will be nice... well, until I sell them. But it'll still be cool to see them, my own season tickets.

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