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Like An Avalanche

July 26, 2003

"You never know just how you look through other people's eyes..."
-Butthole Surfers "Pepper"

These are fun days in Tampa, circa mid 2003, circa mid 20's in my life. NCAA Football 2004 is off the chain, as I've rambled about on here ad nauseum. Tampa women are hot year-round (did I mention how much I love this city?) Girls who like to kiss and love sports and who are on the cover of Playboy Girlfriends. Clubs that are crazy fun, where you never know who you'll encounter. And friends who know how to take things to the next level out on the town, the crazy wingman who doesn't just break the ice -- he shatters it. And then in good cop, bad cop fashion, I babyface my way into the game. Plus the joy of having a kick-ass job with a high profile work force and the potential to make megabucks if I can survive the short term. And I know I can. I always do. As WSAZ's Bill Murray once told me, things always seem to work out for me. And not to jinx it, but by god they will again, fate nonwithstanding. And the payoff will be tremendous.

Riley and I played two more games on NCAA Football 2004 this evening. The heroin that is that game has got its hooks in him now, too. He beat me 48-45 with Maryland at Kentucky in the snow in a game where he took back three interceptions for TDs. It placed #4 on the All Time greatest games list (finally a user vs. user game has made it there for me). So I had to get revenge, and I beat him 101-7 with Florida vs. Georgia at the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville. Yes, 101 points. And the announcers actually say "one hundred and one". I give Riley credit for not pussing out like alot of people would've but manning up and playing for the duration.

Right now I'm on intermission while Riley does his thing at his girlfriend's place as I wait for James to get over here so we can drink a few and then see what Saturday night has to offer. Good times.

If there are any 7-11 convienance stores near you, I highly recommend that you check out the frozen fruit sorbets that are now available there. I've tried them, and believe me, they're tasty. Bubba The Love Sponge has a cooler full of them in the Rock Barn at 98 Rock (thanks to an agreement he has with the distributor). The apple flavor is the best, though Bubba likes that too so he's put a ban on other people taking the apple sorbets. The way it works is that they hollow out an apple (or orange or pineapple or lemon or coconut), then mix the inside part with sorbet before putting it all back in the shell and freezing it. The explanation might not do it justice, but the taste... mmmmmm. Good stuff. And it's pretty healthy for you overall (though not the coconut flavor, which has the high fat coconut oil in it, but overall it's not bad for you).

Thanks to All Access for putting up the info on the brand new BTLS syndication webpage. And thanks a million to Zach Collier for his help in making it all come together. My lack of commentaries of late is directly related to busting ass putting it online (along with a few other sites).

Brooke Burns
Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Brooke Burns.
When James and I talked on the phone earlier, he was raving about the hot host of NBC's Dog Eat Dog, Brooke Burns. I referenced her in a post on here a few weeks back, but I failed to include a picture. There's one on here now. If only every casting decision could be made that well. A bona fide five-star chick who can speak well and look natural on camera. It's almost enough to make me forget about the reality TV overload. At least for a few minutes.

(And fellas, if you think the face shot is good, just wait till you see the total package... I think I'm going to go break into Neal Boling's house right now, commander his HDTV, change the channel to NBC and take a look for myself in ultra high-quality style.)

Incidentally, have any of you seen porn on HDTV? I'd think that this would be a quantum leap jump, much like VHS to DVD (with the zooming and the pausing). Umm, not that I'd know or anything.

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