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Two Weeks In Manhattan

January 21, 2006

"Do you like Brazilian women?"
-Shady-looking guy in a car, who pulled to the side of the road and shouted this to Dynamite Dave and I on 8th Avenue in Manhattan on Thursday night.

We did it. On Monday, January 9, 2006, the Bubba The Love SpongeŽ show debuted on Sirius Satellite Radio's Howard 101.

The past two weeks at Sirius were outstanding. Everyone I met was very helpful, cordial and friendly. A couple of the security guards at the McGraw-Hill Building (where Sirius is located in Manhattan) told me that they could tell who was going to Sirius because they were the only ones who were relaxed versus everyone else who works there.

The Howard Stern crew was great to us. Teaming with Stern and Sirius has been such a positive, wonderful experience. I appreciate how almost all of the Stern fans out there have given us a chance. We've been flooded with e-mails, which is outstanding, though it becomes difficult to respond to as many people as possible, or in some cases to even read all of the e-mails. I'm going to go over to the BRN tomorrow to do some order fulfillment work, but I think I'll read some show e-mails also, around the AFC and NFC Championship Games, of course.

(I like both Denver and Seattle in the respective title games, by the way. Yes, I know that by saying that, I have to back a QB nicknamed "The Snake." As Jake Roberts pointed out time and time again in the WWF, you can never trust a snake.)

In particular, Ronnie The Limo Driver went out of his way to show us a great time last night at Scores Westside. That place does a fantastic job; I told Lonnie from Scores personally that they really know how to show people the VIP treatment. It's one thing to hear about a place, but then to actually go there and experience it, and then to be treated so well on top of that... it was very nice.

One funny story from last night: Dynamite Dave ordered a shot of Rumplemintz, and the waiter (who was great -- I can't say enough good things about last night) thought he said "rubber band" and actually went and found Dave a rubber band. It's something so ridiculous that you'd never see it in a sitcom because it would seem implausible.

I think it's good when there are things that happen in your life from time to time that pass the "wouldn't work for TV because it seems too impossible/cliched" test. Like the guy on 8th Avenue who was a walking cliche of a New York street drug dealer. If memory serves me correct, he said something like, "What you want is over here, not over there, you know what I'm sayin'? It's right over here. What you want, know what I'm saying. You don't want to go over there. All right? Okay? Alright, just keep walking, keep walking." That happened within about 30 seconds of a shady guy who drove up in a car and asked us if we liked Brazilian women. The entire sequence passed the "Implausible for TV" test.

I love New York City, but it is nice to be back in St. Petersburg. My new home, but even with half of my stuff still in boxes, it's still home. Living out of a hotel room for two weeks can wear on you after awhile.

I have more to tell about NYC, but for now I'm exhausted and I have to get some sleep...

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