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Zithromax Is My Friend

January 31, 2003

The antibiotics seem to be working. I think I'm on the upswing of this whole being sick thing. I'm certainly not 100%, but I think I'd be able to work tonight if I had to. Luckily, that's not a choice I have to make.

WFOX in Atlanta is doing what's known in the radio industry as "stunting". That's where a station changes formats and does something to get attention. Right now it's simulcasting WBLI out of Long Island, New York. They're playing "Losing My Grip" by Avril Lavenge, which is the first time I've heard that song on a radio station. Heh the DJ just mentioned that Tom Glavine in Atlanta called to say hello; nice way to reference the Atlanta stunting without outright mentioning it. Earlier they had simulcasts of The Point (80's) out of Houston, WAPE in Jacksonville and KINE (Hawaiian AC) in Honolulu (not all at the same time, mind you). Most people probably don't care, but this sort of thing interests me.

I tell you what interests alot of people out there -- that's the 2003 NFL Draft. My mock draft page is getting hits like crazy. It's been a record setting month for the site (thanks in part to the mock draft page), and it's all up from here.

Gasparilla is tomorrow. I'll probably go, depending on how I'm feeling. Doubt it'll be anything too wild, though. At least for me. Note to self: wear sunscreen. I should tape that message to the door so I don't forget (like I'm Leonard Shelby in Memento).

January 2003 is a month I'll always remember for being turbulent and full of change... Where it leads from here is wide open. I'm on the cusp of a brand new opportunity, one outside of TV... I'm dying to tell you about it, but it's probably in my best interest to keep it on the downlow for the time being. If it works, then it means I get to stay in Tampa. If not, well then I can't say I didn't chase my dreams. But if you know me, you know I'm not one to go for things that are impractical or don't make sense (most of the time). This opportunity is huge, with the potential to be extremely lucrative over time. And I think it's a winning plan. So we'll see.

It's worth noting how excited Tampa is about the Bucs. This place is going crazy. Many, many business signs have various messages supporting the Bucs; my favorite was one that read "Just say no, Monte", a call for defensive coordinator Monte Kiffen to not leave to become the head coach of the 49ers (he ended up staying with the Bucs in a deal announced yesterday). Time to go pay my rent (in cash; I ran out of checks and the reorders aren't in yet)...

Okay, I'm back... That didn't work. Bobby Heenan once said "I'm never offended by cash", but Camden Ybor wanted a check or money order. Luckily the Ybor post office was still open (beat closing time by like 10 minutes). That post office is open about as briefly as the antique shop in King's Quest II (which isn't very long). The $1.25 on the money orders (had to pay for two because of the total cost) is money to education -- gotta learn to be more aware of the check situation. But the rent is now paid, which is a good thing...

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