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December 23, 2004

Trying to do website updates from my parents' house here in Nashville isn't all that easy in general, due to the odd-functioning keyboard (and the space key in particular that requires you to sometimes slam down to receive a response), the fact that several people are usually clamoring to use it, and the simple reason that I didn't come here to spend time on the computer. At the same time, trips home are usually full of fun and adventure, and it's a shame to not share them on here.

To pick up from my last column, I saw the Karg Boys in concert on Tuesday night at 3rd and Lindsley, a place here in Nashville known for its live music. They put on a great performance, and between myself, Matt (my brother) and our friend Nathan Fay, we cheered loud from our spots in the back. They have an elevated area with barstools, so we got to sit and drink beer and see some great music. Good times on that.

Little did I know that there was a record exec from Universal there in our area who was there to see the show as well. He's been working with Richard and Andy Karg for awhile now, but he was able to gauge our reaction (from what Richard told me later). We were loud, especially me; this wasn't the first five minutes of an All Japan Pro Wrestling match. Anyway, this made a positive impression to the exec, so I'm glad I was able to help out even though it was merely a coincidental situation.

Fish Sticks shirt
We saw this shirt out while shopping this week.

Last night it began snowing here in Nashville. If it was this kind of weather right now in Tampa, there would be a public emergency. Bad times and such for the lifers and the people who in general don't drive well in snow. But this is Nashville... where it's only slightly better. Since it only snows here a few times a year, there isn't the need for a convoy of snow plows to keep the roads clear. Also, people aren't used to it all the time, and what's more there was a layer of ice down that caused more problems by far than the snow.

Both Matt and I had more shopping to do today, so we went out. He drove, since he has his car here and I don't. Unfortunately he slid out at one point up on Whispering Hills road, but luckily nothing (and no one) was damaged or hurt.

Matt and I went out to Cool Springs with Richard Karg and Rich's sister Elizabeth. We ended up at a sporting goods store, and in a hilarious scene we ran across the t-shirt you see pictured here (with a shocked fish and the words "Fish Sticks Are Made Of What?") Luckily Matt snapped a pic with his cell phone so I could share it with you on here.

Have a great Christmas... and I'll hope to have more on here later on during my time in Nashville.

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