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Commentary Archives

December 2003

December 1, 2003
Final Cut
One more month...

December 2, 2003
On The Money
Lists and coaches...

December 3, 2003
Line of fire...

December 4, 2003
On The Way
Diving headbutt...

December 5, 2003
Robin Bakay Pictures
Hot search topic...

December 6, 2003
Google AdSense
A great program...

December 8, 2003
Speed Trap
Abolish the bowls...

December 9, 2003
Judging By Tomorrow
I pay for cable, so I watch...

December 10, 2003
NFL speculation...

December 14, 2003
In My Life
Manning is the man...

December 16, 2003
I-4 Corridor
Game show ticket...

December 18, 2003
Camouflage Tiger
Holiday shopping...

December 20, 2003
Better not steal the moves...

December 22, 2003
Narrow Lead
On the precipice...

December 23, 2003
Rise & Fall
My effort to repeat falls short...

December 24, 2003
Race To The Airport
Playing beat the clock...

December 26, 2003
Golden Golf
Sense of tradition...

December 30, 2003
Titans 2003
Tailgating fun...

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Commentary Archives

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