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29 and Counting

August 25, 2006

Thanks to everyone who sent along their well-wishes for my 29th birthday yesterday. Good times, for sure. Though it's more than a little bit strange to have that number 29 hanging over my head. 29 I can handle. 30? I don't know how I'm going to adjust to that. Mentally it will be quite an adjustment. But that's 364 days away.

I'm heading to Denver very soon for a few days at a national conference related to work. It's been nearly six years since I was last in Colorado. My, how time flies. I'm curious as to how Colorado will feel in August. Much like how Cleveland surprised me with brisk cool evenings down in the Flats when I was there in August 1999, I wonder what surprises Denver will have for me. Should be fun to find out.

Flying to Denver will be a straight shot to and from Nashville on Southwest Airlines, which on the surface looks easy enough. But in this era of paranoia, I can only imagine how much fun it will be going through security...

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