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Waffle Wait

August 28, 2003

Work this week has been going wonderfully well at DigiQuest. I work with some really nice people over there, and it's been exciting to expand my duties and be involved with more in the web/promotional work for the Bubba The Love Sponge show.

The video up for consideration for the BTLS 2003 DVD is nothing short of outstanding. I sat back and thought to myself, "I'm being paid to watch this?!?" Let's just say, if you thought the craziness in the studio was sometimes a work, this video will prove you wrong.

A rather funny incident happened today at the Waffle House by Westshore and I-275. I went there for lunch and ordered two waffles. After a bit of a wait, my food came out, including (strangely) a different plate for both waffles.

It's hard to believe how mad some people can get over things like waffles.

My service did not sit well with an older man sitting at one of the booths. He started berating the staff about the fact that I got my waffles first, despite him having been there before me. He was ranting and raving about how he'd been coming to that Waffle House for years and that he was outraged. This actually had me laughing, and it took some restraint to not start busting on the guy. I mean, he was making a fool out of himself over freaking waffles. And while I contemplated taunting him by loudly eating or offering to sell him one of the waffles for $10, I decided to take the high road. But it was a pretty funny distraction during my midday meal.

As I type this, the Bucs are playing the Texans down at Raymond James Stadium. Only one week out from the start of the regular season... And I, for one, can't wait.

One thing that was kind of funny over at 98 Rock last week was having fantasy football advice solicited from me from three guys who are all in the same 10-man league. Carl Harris was calling me the "Draft Guru". Though maybe I need to exclusive it up a bit; what advantage do I give if everyone's taking my advice?

The upcoming three-day weekend will be nice. Should be a good chance to do a little at-home relaxing, which is nice after having spent the last days off on the road. Though with how I enjoy my job, it's not as if going in to the office is any sort of drudgery...

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