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Back From Sin City

August 24, 2003

I'm back from Las Vegas. Wow, what an incredible city, and what an incredible trip. The long-anticipated Vegas column will come later this week (it will take a long, LONG time to write in a week where I'm going to be very busy). There are so many great stories, from the $500 bet on the Titans to Studio 54 to Roulette addiction to Allison the dancer at the Crazy Horse Too. What an adventure!

Thanks to everyone who sent the birthday well wishes. I turned 26 today, which is what it is. Time moves on. My Dad was joking with me that I was getting old when I talked with him last week. But, hey, he's right.

My body is still on Pacific Time -- time to try sneaking in some sleep before it's time to start the work week...

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