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Planning Ahead

April 17, 2008

"At the moment my eyes were open
They might just as well have been closed"
-Procol Harem "Lighter Shade Of Pale"

Since I last wrote on here, quite a bit has gone down. Unfortunately, due to a series of unfortunate events involving my web hosting situation, I've been unable to access the site to add a new entry... until now.

I found out last month that I'm going to be an uncle. My brother Matt's girlfriend Amber is pregnant (or preggers as we jokingly call it). She's due in November, but she's moving in sooner, which means that both Dustin and I will have to have a new place to live, effective 7/1/08.

It's been a fun ride here at the house. After going 7+ years living on my own, I entered a situation where I had to share living quarters with two other people. But it has been a mostly positive experience. Splitting bills three ways beats paying all of it out of pocket. Smyrna has been a nice place to live, once you get past the speed trap cops and the ridiculous sales tax rate (but that's a Tennessee thing, since we don't have an income tax) and the growing traffic mess that exists on Sam Ridley Parkway. But barring something really unexpected, I'll be saying goodbye to Smyrna by the end of June.

From a selfish standpoint, this development is not something I'm particularly happy about. My gym membership at Fuel Fitness (or whatever it's called now) runs through June 2009. My doctor and dentist are both based in Smyrna, and both are excellent -- I'm not inclined to start over with yet another PCP (primarily care physician) and dentist, and I probably will keep them, even if it means some inconvenient trips. I thought I had escaped from the moving town to town thing when I got out of radio/TV, but obviously not.

What's more, last month was hellish due to severe neck spasms that were causing me to suffer from cluster headaches. Luckily, my doctor had me try nortriptyline, a drug developed initially to treat depression but one that was found, in lower doses, to help with neck spasms and associated headaches.

The result? Since I've been on nortriptyline (almost a full month now), I've been headache-free. That is wonderful beyond words. Never say never with that, but for now I'll take it.

The largest disappointment for me has been the inability of Draft King to generate the revenue that I had expected it to do. I burned through my savings keeping myself going, thinking that the money to come would be worth it. I had in excess of 1.5 million impressions on Draft King in January, and while I'm contractually not allowed to talk about the money I make via my partner company, it was much, *much* less than I had expected.

Eventually the internet will mature as a medium within the eyes of advertisers to the point where a site like Draft King can provide a full-time salary. But that time is not now, which puts me in an odd position: what now?

Let me lay it out like this: no full time job. No housing lined up beyond 6-30-08. NFL Draft season is coming to an end soon, which means the site traffic will drop off considerably (as is the nature with seasonal-oriented websites.)

Going back to Adenus isn't an option. I could always try to get back into the TV news biz, though I left that industry for a reason. What is looking like the best option for me at this point is becoming a paralegal.

So here is my plan: line up an apartment that's not too far from downtown. Get a job working in a law office, either as a clerk or as a paralegal on a temp basis while I take classes in paralegal work (strange since I have a college degree, but paralegal work is highly specialized.) Land a full-time paralegal gig and see where that leads. Perhaps eventually buy a condo downtown. We'll see...

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