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April 18, 2007

My deepest sympathies go out to the friends and family of the victims of Monday's Virginia Tech massacre. No one deserves the pain that the people there had to suffer, both at the time of the attack(s) and dealing with the tragedy in the aftermath. Hang in there, Blacksburg.

Virginia Tech was a semi-finalist on my college list in 1994-95, falling behind only Dayton, Marquette, and Evansville (my ultimate choice.) Ultimately, the school was too far away and not a fit for what I was looking for from a career standpoint, but I've always liked V-Tech.

This will quite possibly be my final post on here from Alabama. On Friday night, if things hold according to plan, my Dad is going to drive down from Nashville in a box truck. The next morning, we're going to load it up and head up to Nashville.

I've been in a holding pattern for months now, knowing that my move to Nashville was coming sooner or later. That has not been easy to deal with, surprisingly so. For being so disorganized (particularly from an outsider's view), I try to have at least some rhyme and reason to what I do, but I've had a tough time dealing with the hurry up and wait approach. But that's life.

Despite all the moving I've done, I hate moving. Hate it. Boxes everywhere, things placed and misplaced and eventually replaced. A marathon session of packing tonight has me exhausted, and I needed to get on here to vent. I'm not sure if it's helping or not, but this at least gets my mind off of the big move. Plus, in a unique twist, I have to separate things into three categories: toss out, keep for storage, and bring to the house.

What's more, I don't have a storage facility lined up yet, which could get tricky if I can't line something up ASAP. The week has flown by, as weeks are prone to do when you are trying to do a large volume of work in a limited amount of time.

The upside: it's going to be very cool moving into a house with my brother Matt and our friend Dustin. With the three of us there, mayhem and mischief are a distinct possibility. I'm excited about it. There will be some adjustments to be made; I haven't had a roommate since I moved to Huntington in December 1999.

Despite having a website where I open myself up to the world, I tend to be a private person, or at least there are times when I need time to myself. Big crowds and social functions really aren't my thing, not at all. They drain energy from me (whereas, for others, they serve as a recharging device.) But I'm excited about it, and it should make for an interesting matchup.

13 months in Birmingham South has been a unique experience. Coming from Tampa, anything short of a pre-Katrina French Quarter or Las Vegas or Manhattan was going to be a letdown, so to that end this has been a decompression chamber of sorts for me. I love Tampa, I miss Tampa, but I have five years of great memories from that.

Alabaster has offered its own adventures, albeit more spread out in nature. But the new fun begins soon... Nashville, here I come.

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