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MGM Grand

April 1, 2003

I hope that you managed to avoid any April Fools Day ribs today. This is the one day out of the year when you can say something totally outlandish and then pull the "April Fools" card out to get away with it. Of course it's horribly bad luck to make up a tragedy (lest it happen and then you feel like you jinxed yourself), not to mention the lack of class involved in joking about a tragedy.

CBS Sports had a tremendous promo on TV over the weekend... It was Jim Nantz at a drive-thru trying to order, but the guy working there couldn't hear him because he was talking in his soft "golf voice". The spot had some really nice touches, like the clerk saying "All I heard was pickles." The promo ends with "CBS Sports - The Voice of Golf." Funny stuff for sure, right up there with some of the great ESPN promos (and that's very high praise).

The trip to Las Vegas in August is set. Granted, given the somewhat uncertain nature of the next few months, spending money in high volume isn't advisable. But my friends Gary, Rod and I managed to land hotel and airfare (direct there and back) for about $380 each, so we locked it in. And get this, we'll be staying at the MGM Grand Hotel. I've never been to Vegas, but I hear that the MGM Grand is one of the really nice hotels out there. I found a really good deal for it online, so last night Gary and I locked in both that and the direct air travel via Southwest.

Saturday's Kansas/Marquette Final Four basketball game should be great. Wade vs. Heinrich should be intriguing, along with Collison battling against Jackson on the inside. On the other side, Carmelo Anthony and Syracuse vs. T.J. Ford and Texas should be a fun matchup as well.

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