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September 20, 2012

"Yes I have known, I can be wrong
Maybe I'm too headstrong"
Muse "Madness"

Earlier this month I found myself in the mood for some Husson's Pizza, a place in walking distance from my apartment that has some tasty New York style pizza. It's hit-or-miss on if they'll have any by-the-slice pepperoni ready when I go by there, and that day they didn't, though I just waited 10-15 minutes and they had three slices ready for me. Patience is a virtue... at least sometimes.

If nothing else, waiting for a few minutes it allowed me to dry off a little bit from the light rain that was falling in Huntington at the time. It wasn't a drizzle or a downpour, just enough to get me a bit damp. Something for me to put on my Christmas list: a purple umbrella with a giant image of University of Evansville mascot Ace Purple. Or, alternately, just a generic umbrella to keep me dry. It's been odds and ends like that which I've had to slowly re-accumulate since I left Nashville.

Just as I was going to leave, as I added some red pepper to my slices in the carryout box, I heard a song that I didn't recognize but which really jumped out at me. In the old days I would have possibly never heard it again and always wondered what it was. But all I had to do in this case was use the Shazam app on my phone, which identified the track as "If I Ever Feel Better" by Phoenix. I really like Phoenix (the band, that is -- I've never been to the city) but this song came out 12 years ago and I had never heard it before. Technology can be a wonderful thing.

The college football and NFL seasons being underway are cause for great happiness for me, if for no other reason than that I really enjoy the sport. The downside is that, when you work the third shift (as I do), it becomes difficult to balance watching games with the backward sleep schedule that working overnights demands. As I said and written over and over, often times it's the when you're not working that's the hardest part about being on overnights.

It doesn't leave much time for writing, either. Keep in mind that with my job I do a lot of writing, though crafting a newscast and writing a website column are two very different things. But work is going great -- I have no complaints. I work with great people who are talented, competent, and hard-working. Overnights are crazy in some ways but also are a natural fit for me, as I've always been a night owl by nature. I can handle it.

My schedule coming up is super-packed: get-together at Velvet's this Saturday, then the next weekend my long-awaited trip to Tampa (first time back in Florida since 2008), then Lexington for the Mississippi State/Kentucky football game, then working back-to-back Saturdays the next two weekends (which I'm glad to do), and possible a whirlwind trip to Nashville the weekend of 10/26-10/28. It should be an eventful next several weeks...

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