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My name is Lou Pickney, and I work in the radio industry. This is my resume page, which I have made as comprehensive and easy to understand as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at

Adenus Technologies

Alabaster, AL (3/06-4/07); Smyrna, TN (4/07-present)
March 2006-present

Positions Held: Market Manager, Sales Development

Summary: I was hired to head up the launch of Adenus Technologies' new office in the Birmingham, Alabama area (located to the south of the city in Alabaster.) The job there was all-encompassing, with responsibility for the entire Alabama region, as well as the day-to-day operation of the office.

In April 2007, with the Adenus Group opening a brand new building in Smyrna, TN (near Nashville), I moved to the company's primary location to work in a sales development role. My main job is in research and development of new product opportunities.

Bubba The Love Sponge show

Tampa, FL
January 2003-March 2006

Positions Held: Producer, Website Coordinator, Head of Syndication

Summary: In 2003 I moved from TV into radio, accepting an opportunity to become the Head of Syndication for the Bubba The Love SpongeŽ radio show and the Bubba Radio Network. When the show went on hiatus in February 2004, I became the person in charge of the website and of all merchandising, and I served a liason between the public and Bubba. Additionally, I worked as the Assistant Campaign Manager in Bubba's 2004 run for Sheriff of Pinellas County, FL.

When the BTLS show was picked up by Sirius Satellite Radio in 2005 (to begin in January 2006), I was promoted to Producer, working under Executive Producer Brent Hatley (and, of course, Bubba), with responsibilities including booking guests, finding fresh stories of interest, all while still maintaining my responsibilities with the show website and with the merchandising aspects of the program. My TV news experience allowed me to know the importance of putting timely, newsworthy stories on the air, while my knowledge of the show helps me to know what stories will flow best within the context of the personalities on the air, particularly Bubba.

Tampa Bay's 10 News (WTSP-TV, CBS)

St. Petersburg, FL
April 2001-February 2003

Positions Held: News Producer

Summary: I work as a producer for the station's two-hour morning news program ("This Morning Around The Bay"). I helped lead the station in the infancy of its expanded two-hour format, and I took part in the targeting of the program toward a female audience that began in January 2002. Additionally, I worked as a field producer on the lone WTSP Tampa Bay Buccaneers post-game show in the fall of 2001.

WSAZ NewsChannel 3 (WSAZ-TV, NBC)

Huntington, WV
December 1999-April 2001

Positions Held: News Producer

Summary: Following my arrival at WSAZ in December of 1999, I implemented a number of format modifications to help improve the Sunrise/Today morning newscast. In January 2000 I led the expansion of the newscast from 90 minutes to 2 hours. In July 2000, we added a second anchor to the newscast under my guidance, further improving the product.


Evansville, IN
May 1997-December 1999

Positions held: News Producer, Sports Producer, Associate News Producer, Production Assistant

Summary: I broke into the television business at ABC 25 as a production assistant, and quickly had the opportunity to learn from some very talented journalists. My interest and background in sports led to me working as a sports producer for the award-winning Home Team Friday series, where I coordinated and produced Friday night recap shows of both local high school basketball and later high school football. Eventually I was given an opportunity in news as well, where I worked as an associate producer and learned how to produce newscasts. Along with refining my script-writing skills, I had a variety of opportunities, even on occasion working as a photographer and as a reporter. But I found that producing was what I enjoyed the most, so I was given an opportunity to work in a producing role with the News 25 Daybreak newscast (and also the station's noon newscast on occasion). I helped with the transition there from a single anchor, one hour newscast into a dual anchor, two hour newscast in May 1999.

91.5 WUEV (University of Evansville)

Evansville, IN
December 1995-November 1999

Positions held: Sports director, on-air talent, play-by play broadcaster, color commentator, segment producer, special project producer, Harlaxton Bureau reporter

Summary: My experiences at WUEV gave me an excellent opportunity to sample a variety of broadcasting-related jobs. I initially began as a sports play-by-play announcer and as a DJ. I was then selected from a field of a half-dozen candidates following my sophomore year to become the station's new sports director. In that role I organized and oversaw the sports department and led a successful promotional campaign against a rival commercial AM station that covered Aces baseball along with WUEV. I coined the phrase "Baseball Sounds Better On The FM Dial", and it became our sports staff motto. During my senior year I spent a semester at UE's Harlaxton College campus in Grantham, England. That proved to be a wonderful opportunity, as I worked with WUEV's Harlaxton Bureau to produce, write and voice news packages for the station's 5 PM newscast.


Evansville, IN
February 1998-April 1998

Positions held: Opinion columnist

Summary: Disappointed by what I observed to be an overwhelming apathy by the student body of the University of Evansville and a domineering administration, I wrote two letters to the editor expressing my feelings of discontent. Based on the strength of those letters I was offered a spot as a columnist, where I had the opportunity to further articulate my opinions. When the semester began, dissenting comments in the paper seldom appeared and letters to the editor were rare. But in the year-ending April 24, 1998 edition of the Crescent, the paper featured eight letters to the editor that spilled over two pages along with my final column of the school year. In many ways, my time there was a precursor to the commentary that I started on in April 2000.


Nashville, TN
October 1993-April 1994

Positions held: Music review columnist

Summary: In high school, I was chosen to write for a teenage music review section in The Tennessean, which is the largest newspaper in Nashville. I wrote for this position until a format change at the paper eliminated the teenage Saturday page of the "Living" section.

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