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Whether it's a fourth quarter drive in the AFC Championship game, or a last second buzzer-beater in the opening round of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament... or a thousand other such moments, there's nothing like sports to captivate an audience and take you on an emotional roller coaster.

Best High School Football Clip Ever:

National Football League

Tennessee Titans
LP Field in downtown Nashville is a great place to see an NFL game.

Draft King
I created a 2002 NFL Mock Draft that I hosted here on It was something that I did for fun, but it drew an amazing amount of web traffic in a short amount of time. I decided to create a side business out of it, and thus was born -- and still going strong ten years later and counting.

Major League Baseball

New York Yankees
The Yankees are the best franchise in all of sports, period. Note that I started cheering for them in 1988 when my friend Joe Martin gave me a pair of Yankees wristbands. I consider myself grandfathered in as a fan -- the outrageous team spending disparities hadn't yet begun at that point.

National Hockey League

Nashville Predators
There is nothing like seeing a Predators game live and in person. I still have possession of a puck from a Predators/Sharks game in December 1998, the team's inaugural season.

National Basketball Association

San Antonio Spurs
I became a fan of the Spurs when they drafted David Robinson, and I've been a supporter of them ever since then.

College Sports

University of Evansville
Did you know that I own the domain I'm not sure how it was sitting out there unclaimed, but I snapped it up off the open market. Ace Purple is the University of Evansville's mascot.

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