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Pickney Family Tree

Here is my family tree (on the Pickney/Pequigney side) as far back as I can trace it. Updated 10/22/2006 with another level up the line, with previously unknown information on F.X. Pequigney's father (thanks to Elizabeth Mason for the update.)

1. Charles Louis Pickney, III (me; born August 24, 1977 in Florence, AL)
2. Charles Louis Pickney, Jr. (my dad; born July 8, 1947 in Nashville, TN)
3. Charles Louis Pickney, Sr. (my grandfather; born October 29, 1921 in Nashville, TN; died March 25, 1995 in Nashville, TN)
4. Frederick Christian Pickney (my great-grandfather; born April 20, 1891 in Winchester, TN; died May 17, 1960 in Nashville, TN)
5. Louis Eugene Pickney (born January 18, 1856 in Harrisburg, OH; died January 7, 1925 in Winchester, TN) *
6. Francois Xavier Pequigney (born August 27, 1820 in Plancher Bas, France; died April 18, 1881 in Winchester, TN)
7. Joseph Pequigney (born 1791; died 1855)

* Spelling of Louis Eugene Pickney unclear (Louis or Lewis?); records seem to suggest Lewis, but other evidence recently uncovered indicates Louis. Also unclear is when the Pequigney name was changed to Pickney (for sure by 1870, but whether Louis Eugene Pickney was born Louis Eugene Pequigney is not something I know for certain.)

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