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Drying Out

September 7, 2004

SprintPCS here in the Tampa area is having some problems related to Hurricane Frances, so if you've called and left me a voice mail message, please be patient. I can't access voice mail right now because of it -- I know it's there, but I can't get in to listen. So it goes.

First Charley, then Frances... and now Ivan? The latest hurricane track has that storm tearing through Jamaica and then heading into the Gulf of Mexico (on the Florida side). There's one track that sends the storm right into Tampa Bay. Let me assure you: I want no part of Hurricane Ivan.

I wrote my friend Stacey Luckey (who's now in Atlanta) talking about Ken Jennings on Jeopardy!, and she wrote back discussing some various shows that she and I both watch. I liked what I wrote in the response enough to share it with you on here (which I will use to finish up this column):

Yeah Ken risked alot in Final Jeopardy, but not so much where he would've lost had he missed it and the second place guy hit it (at least I don't believe so). By the way, did they ever say the correct answer? I heard Alex say, "No, we're talking about classic comics" but then he went right on to the money total. With my DVR still out, I couldn't rewind it. Also, with it out I have to be sure to be home by 7:30, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

BB5 on Saturday aired here also, if you can believe that. Every other major station was covering the storm, but Channel 10 amazingly only covered up the first two minutes or so and then joined it in progress. However the show itself had a very odd feel, as it was one of those they had put in there in case someone quit or had to be removed from the house for rulebreaking (i.e. season two with the knife incident) so it was rushed as an elimination show.

I'm pulling for Drew to win it now. Karen and Nakomis are pissing me off with how they think they deserve it and how other people's planning is messing up their plans, etc. As much as I dislike Diane, I do enjoy her swerving K&N causing Karen to go. Karen's attempts to kiss ass on people obviously on their way out has struck me as being entirely disengenuous. Nakmois I wouldn't mind winning it though, but her attitude does irk me a little.

But she's better than Cowboy (who is a spineless snitch and also a putz) and Diane (who I want to win least of all). Drew at least is sane. But the feel I get is that with Karen likely gone this week, Di/Dr/CB will team up to rid the house of Nakomis, who as HOH can't be it again. Then it's down to those three. Drew teased that he'd take Cowboy to the final two over Diane, but really he'd be dumb to do that since CB has a better chance of beating him than that evil bitch Diane. Remember when Colby on Survivor Australia decided to bring Tina to the final two and ended up losing out on the $1 million as a result? That's what I don't want Drew to do here. But I do like how Drew is positioning himself to be in the Final Two either way (I don't see CB taking Diane or vice-versa).

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