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September 15, 2004

For Big Brother 5 fans, last night proved to be a perfect case-in-point of the four remaining people on the show. You had Nakomis, playing shrewd and down to the wire (though finally cracking under the pressure when she discovered she faced an alliance of three). You had Diane, lying and deceiving Cowboy. You had Cowboy, stupidly believing her (that she'd take him to the final two). And then there was Drew, smartest of all, laid back and relaxed, preparing to take his rightful spot as the $500K winner. If anyone but him wins, I'm going to be most unhappy. It's funny that I had to leave a CBS affiliate (WTSP) to become a hardcore fan of the show.

The Amazing Race continues to be great (my friend Dennis was on the money in encouraging me to watch it). By my count, Chip & Kim should have won it all by now, as the other three teams lost "non-elimination rounds" along the way. That show, like BB5, has its season finale this upcoming Tuesday night (9/21/2004).

Hang on tight there Mobile, Pensacola and New Orleans... it's time, it's time, it's IVAN TIME. They say that Hurricane Ivan could potentially be Cat 5 strength by the time it makes landfall. I sure hope that doesn't happen; it will be devastating even if it weakens significantly between now and then. A direct hit on the Big Easy... well I don't even want to think about that. Spare New Orleans, please!!! I want the Cats Meow and Pat O'Brien's and the club with the legs sticking out of the window and all of that to still be there the next time I visit. From what I hear, the entire city is under a mandatory evacuation order, since New Orleans is below sea level. Suddenly taking the Saints in both of my NFL "suicide pools" doesn't seem like such a good idea.

Speaking of NFL pools, I've been too depressed to post on here the last two days because of Monday night's debacle. It turns out that another guy in my work pool had 38 points (he was a late entry), but he needed Green Bay to win to get in the action. Of course GB went on to win. Now the GB win gave me a shot in my Mark Branson (former co-worker at WTSP) pool, but in that situation I also picked 37 points for the tiebreaker and faced someone who had 38. The final score was GB 24, Carolina 14. Total combined score: 38. D'oh!!! That was a stomach punch right there. The $92 lost was bad, but coming so close and losing made it all the worse (since I got the business about it from both ends). So it goes, I suppose...

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