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September 24, 2003

A few thoughts...

-The Counting Crows being covered by a second-rate cover band is still better than most anything else you'll hear on stage.

-Slightly Stoopid, in concert tomorrow night at the State Theatre in St. Pete, is looking like a distinct possibility.

-AdSense is a fascinating program -- Google has something really good going here.

-Lip-reading is a skill that comes in handy at bars.

-Barbra Streisand says she's bored with her songs; I'm glad that her and I can at least agree on that issue.

The Euro & The Dollar
Now that's what I'd call a currency exchange.

-Just because I don't write much about the EM on here anymore doesn't mean that I don't have some side-splitting good comedy from the recent tip, not to mention a reminder of how much better my current situation is that the one I had coming into 2003.

-The ad pictured to the right may be the coolest ad to ever be pulled from the streets of Moscow. Personally I like dollar on top, but that's just me. Click here for the explanation of what that picture is all about.

-Driving without air conditioning sucks. I need to get my Neon over to Jerry Ulm (not Ullllllll) Dodge, stat.

-Speaking of Jerry Ulllllllm, my friend Tom from work bought a kick-ass new pickup truck from there yesterday. I'm not a truck guy per se, but even I was impressed by it.

-Sometimes things get a bit too surreal for me, sometimes things get a little too regimented for me... and then there's nights like tonight to remind me that I'm still on the precipice of young and old. And I'm clinging as hard as I can to the former.

-The new season of Survivor looks excellent so far. Episode two drops tomorrow night. And I watched the finale of Big Brother 4 this evening, but I couldn't tell you which one of the lying, conniving bitches won, as I was on the phone with my friend Brook Gardiner during the final moments and missed it. Somehow I think I'll hear about it at work tomorrow.

-In something related to work, if Tennessee beats Pittsburgh and I win the office pool, I think I'm going to find myself laid off. Or left unconscious, face-down and motionless in a ditch on Westshore Blvd. Or, perhaps, simply banned from the pool.

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