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September 30, 2002

"Sometimes I can't help seeing all the way through"
-Todd Rundgren "Hello It's Me"

I find myself in one of those especially strange moods, a bizarre mix of emotions that seems so rare as to defy quantification and description. But one that's definitely spurring me to write. Just threw down a crazy e-mail to Velvet. Which is good, cause it'll stop me from writing things on here that would just get me in trouble.

Some emotions are rare like that, though. Like the sensation that there's something really good that's just on the tip of your tongue, on the edge of your memory. There's no name for that. Not anticipation -- something different, something you know but you don't know. It can be good or bad. Like if there's some big party coming up, or you have a hot date planned for the next night, and then later you're worrying about finances or work stuff and it hits you, there's something good coming up soon, and you rack your brain trying to think of it. And usually you do think of it, sooner or later, if it's really anything of consequence.

So many crazy angles and impending decisions and things going on right now... Like I said, good thing I already sent the e-mail to Velvet.

Some things out there defy explanation. Like hypnotism. Someone please make sense of that to me. Yes, I know it's the Virgo in me that wants some semblence of sense and order where none exists (and don't pull the puppet master routine from behind the curtain and demand unwavering assimilation of the inexplicable). But to go into someone's subconscious and plug in ideas?!? I've seen it work too much to dismiss it, but the concept that it's possible, let alone something that is actually executed, is mind boggling to me.

Something I keep coming back to is the idea that everything happens for a reason. Why should I believe that? Because it's easy to believe? How do you explain the Holocaust, then? Or famine? Or childhood leukemia? I'm not asking you to delve into politics or religion or organized social control or whatever. But sometimes I wonder to myself, how many times do people ask the deeper questions? How many people are simply content to go along with the system? Do others find themselves unable to sleep thinking about things like this? Or are they happy enough to just roll over, go to sleep, and not question the answers. For some, ignorance is bliss.

I've lived a quarter century, and all I seem to discover is that the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. There's a great line in the song "Simple Kind Of Life" by No Doubt that goes "The simple things are simply too complicated for my life". You're damn right.

Enough philosophy and deep thought. Phil Hendrie is back in his 6-10 PM slot on 970 WFLA, playoff baseball starts this week, and my Snipers are still undefeated. Nashville/Starkville/Guavaween awaits as a triple-header of fun for October, and I for one can't wait.

Stick around, don't fade away. Things only get better from here.

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