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September 24, 2002

"For the right price I can get everything
Slip into the car
Go driving to the farthest star..."
-Soul Coughing "Circles"

It's probably a good thing that Scott Massey and I didn't go to grade school or high school together. Otherwise, I can only imagine we'd have been thrown out of class for cutting up and laughing and what not. This morning we were both laughing so hard we were crying. Literally. And this was during a meeting at work! What can I say, 10 hours on the job will make you a little slap-happy. We were discussing theme-week ideas, and Scott and I ended up doing a bit of running commentary, like a director's track on a DVD. Let's just say our ideas aren't going to make it on the air. We were laughing enough about the self improvement week idea (everything from "a cleaner presentation" to plotting to book Dr. Diaco for a show), and then Mary I think it was suggested focusing on a different body part every day. That really sent us over the edge. We even had Kim laughing along with us. I'm convinced Scott and I would have one hell of a good radio show -- if we could last long enough before getting thrown off the air. Too many other jokes to remember here, like ponkey (CNN had a story about a zebra and a donkey cross-breeding to create a "zonkey", so we thought what if there was a purple one (like a purple cow) and it was a called a ponkey... From there I threatened Scott not to buy the rights to before I could get it). Random and juvenile but unbelievably hilarious at the time. You know how laughter is, particularly when you're "not supposed" to be laughing... it's contagious. And almost impossible to stifle.

Out of curiosity I checked, and both AND are taken. Some company in Japan snatched them up. Luckily the URL is still available.

I finally saw the movie Saving Silverman tonight on Cinemax. And, umm... it's no Memento. I think that's like someone suggesting I see Monkey Trouble in response to me insisting they see The Shawshank Redemption. But I kept my promise to Grex and saw it. Nick, hope you saw Memento and held up your end of the deal...

Speaking of Nick, gonna see him and my Nashville crew next month. October should be fun. Nashville and Starkville on consecutive weekends, then Slick and maybe his brother Andy coming down at the end of the month for Guavaween. Good times.

Rhetorical questions... Why is it that girls refer to friends who are women as their "girlfriends"? This only happens with women. You'd never hear guys refer to their drinking buddies as their "boyfriends"... Can anyone explain the Rams' free-fall of 2002? This is the same team that the sports pundits were billing as having a chance to go 15-1 or 14-2. Meanwhile, they're 0-3! Ouch... Did you see the block that Warren Sapp put on Kurt Warner in helping Derrick Brooks return an interception for a TD last night? That was a smackdown... Is it just me, or is Al Gore's Tennessee accent showing through more now than it did in 2000? Maybe Al doesn't want to lose his home state this time around (if he'd captured Tennessee two years ago, he'd be president right now)... What happened to Shaun Alexander and the Seattle Seahawks? And what's the over/under on Mike Holmgren getting fired if the Seahawks miss the playoffs this year?

Hurricanes are fascinating to follow... but even more fascinating is the complete and total inability of weathercasters to forecast them. Hurricanes just seem to do what they want, completely defying logic and predictor maps. And okay one more rhetorical question here, why is it that meteorologists are criticized for the weather being bad? Or in cross-talk why do news anchors act as if the weather guy can somehow control the rain? They're predictors, not controllers. Don't you think if that guy could control the weather he'd be out on a yacht sipping a martini, not sitting in a cramped studio at 5 in the morning?

I can't wait to see the movie Punch-Drunk Love with Adam Sandler and Pounce's favorite actor, Luis Guzmán. You either like P.T. Anderson's work or you hate it, and I'm in the category of the former... I think PTA is a genius, and I look forward to seeing how he handles Sandler.

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