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10 Reasons To Stay Positive

September 18, 2002

How about that pounding Steve Spurrier took on national TV on Monday night? Kind of put in perspective how that offense is going to fare against a first-class defense. It's alot tougher to get those wide-open receivers on the NFL level.

I won the national championship on NCAA 2003 with Marshall. Pretty remarkable since I lost early in the year to Georgia, but a series of upsets allowed me to sneak up to #2 in the polls, right behind undefeated Colorado, who I beat 31-14 in the Orange Bowl to win the "2004 National Championship". It was a great game -- went up 6-0 early, then Colorado scored a TD late in the half to go up 7-6. Second half I fumbled the opening kickoff and Colorado capitalized with a TD to go up 14-6. But I took the momentum back with a grind-it-out drive mostly on the ground, then I suckered in the Colorado D and connected on a TD pass to make it 14-12. Barely scored on a two-point-conversion to tie it at 14. My defense stepped it up from that point forward, and I ran away with it in the fourth quarter. In a hilarious scene, two players hoisted Bob Pruitt up on their shoulders while another ran with the national championship trophy. Cracked me up, for sure. From there I quit as Marshall's coach and took over at Mississippi State, who was like 3-8 in the 2004 season. We'll see what I can do with them.

If you haven't heard the new Avril Lavenge track "Skater Boy" (or "Sk8er Boi", as I've also seen it written), check it out. That chick rocks. And she's a good songwriter, too. Heard that song the weekend before last on my way up to Orlando (I think XL 106.7 played it -- the tune falls between the cracks in the playlists of Star 95.7 and 93.3 FLZ here in Tampa). Another cool new song is "The Last DJ" by Tom Petty. Pretty much sums up the demise of the radio DJ.

I've been training Mary Pederson at work this week. She's a new producer who came to WTSP from KARE in Minneapolis. From all indications, she should be an excellent person to have on the staff.

Speaking of work, time to get ready to go in to the station. I have a six day work week this week, as I'll be producing on Saturday evening. As it is, there's a chance a tropical storm might be hitting right about then, which should make things interesting...

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