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September 10, 2002

It hardly seems like it's been a year since September 11th of last year. But the calendar has made its rounds, and here we are again.

Tomorrow will be a most interesting day. In a cruel turn of events, the morning newscast after the Florida primary election falls on the morning of September 11th. As if 9/11 one year later wasn't enough, we also have Reno vs. McBride, Ronda Storms facing a possible ousting and other elections to cover. Wild.

I used the new Hillsborough County touch-screen voting system this morning. It was interesting walking into that Baptist church that was being used as a voting location, me being a caucasian male in his mid-20's in a room with almost all minority senior citizens (voters included). The woman who checked me in at the table had to be at least 80, and it took her maybe 2 minutes to find my name on the list. If I'd been in a hurry I might have been annoyed, but the screenwriter in me was thinking of what an interesting contrast the whole scene made. The new voting system is easy, by the way. Forget the dimpled chads and ballot problems -- if you can't figure out the new system, you don't DESERVE to vote. This is the fourth state I've been registered to vote in (Tennessee, Indiana, West Virginia and now Florida), but this was the first time I had to show photo ID. Keep in mind that Florida law allows you to show a Sea World season pass as legal ID (they accept "Entertainment ID's" -- don't believe me, the proof is here). Of course, that's more than the others, but I digress.

Must get some sleep now. Tomorrow will be a long long day. Even after my show, there are cut-ins galore to prepare for that may or may not air (depending on CBS' coverage), which regardless must still be prepared... let alone dealing with the emotional tone of the day. Tune in and see what happens.

By the way, my Snipers pulled out a narrow victory over the Whiplash thanks to Adam Vinatieri. If I'd scored 100+ and lost, I would've been livid (much as I'm sure Phil is about his loss).

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